Frequently Asked Questions About Our Vehicle Concierge Services

What do I have to do to prepare my vehicle for sale?

We do all the work for you! We begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your vehicle at the time of our Free Initial Consultation and determine what mechanical and cosmetic repairs should be completed to prepare your vehicle for a private party offering. We also include written guaranteed price estimates for all items we may outLine for your consideration prior to working with you as our client.

What is required from me to sell my vehicle privately and protect myself during that process?

We will require you to have either a Free and Clear Notarized and Signed Vehicle Title or your current lien holder information which would include the name, address, contact name and telephone number along with the vehicle loan number and approximate payoff amount. We have a Bill of Sale / Transfer of Ownership and Certified Odometer Statement for your use in finalizing the private party transaction between buyer and seller.

What is the best way to advertise and how do I place a correct valuation on my specific vehicle?

We have a 23-year proven cost-efficient method of locating private party buyers for your specific vehicle locally as well as nationwide. We utilize a wide range of highly developed sales techniques and create the perfect ad developed for your specific vehicle. You advertisements will be aggressively shown in both local newsprint and onLine advertisements nationwide in order to locate a hassle free private party buyer for you.

Why should I sell privately instead of trading in my vehicle at a local car dealership?

It is a known fact that many dealerships often make more money selling used vehicles than they do selling new vehicles. The main reason is that they buy them “cheap” from customers who believe this is the easy way out of their vehicle when in fact they are losing thousands of dollars either on the trade-in value or when the dealership “Rolls money back into the deal” on the new vehicle purchase without you possibly knowing it. They also are charged a dealership doc fee along with vehicle reconditioning costs, extended warranties, finance and additional sales tax charged directly to you on the bottom Line.

What can I do about locating another car as well as saving time and money?

We specialize in locating private party vehicles for your consideration. We ask a series of questions and assist you in figuring out what vehicle year, make, model, options, color, etc…would best work for you. We will also discuss your immediate and future plans for the use and subsequent sale of the vehicle considered. Read through our array of services as outlined below for more details on our specific services available.

Will I be responsible for sales tax on a privately bought or sold vehicle by myself to the State?

Something of great consideration easily overlooked is that all private Party Vehicles either privately bought and/or sold within the State of Arizona are currently exempt from all sales tax requirements. We recently saved a client over $9,950.00 in sales tax alone in locating and purchasing an out-of-state private party Highline vehicle. It was in perfect condition upon inspection, under manufacturers full warranty, obtained an additional factory certified 24-month warranty at cost and saved the client almost an additional $12,500.00 below current retail on this specific vehicle…truly a remarkable opportunity to buy the right vehicle for the right price can be handled here!

Where will the vehicle funds be transferred to?

All Private Party Vehicle Funds are directly transacted between the private party buyer and seller by either Bank Certified Funds or Bank Wire Transfer. Once your funds are available, free and clear in your personal bank account, the vehicle and title is released directly to the buyer. If you have a lien holder, the lien payoff amount is sent directly to the bank and any additional funds remaining are transferred directly to you as outlined above.

When do I pay the Vehicle Concierge Fees?

You will remit payment for all advertising costs incurred during the offering process once the vehicle has been sold, funded and delivered to the new buyer. Final payment our Private Party Vehicle Concierge Fees would then be due by personal or company check, cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

Based at the Scottsdale Airpark we also serve all of Phoenix, AZ and surrounding valley communities so call 602.524.0807 or contact us for private party vehicle concierge services.

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