Frequently Asked Questions About Our Sheepskin Products

How long have you been manufacturing premium quality sheepskin products?

For nearly 33-years. Our manufacturer has been focused on providing high quality design, premium Line sheepskin applications for all vehicles, aircraft, rugs and pillows, toys, horse tack, baby, medical, pet care, apparel and custom designed applications worldwide since 1976.

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Are your seat covers made from Australian Merino sheepskin?

Yes, all of our seat covers offered are made using the best Australian Merino sheepskin.

Why should I cover my leather seats?

Leather seats do not protect you from either hot or cold weather and are expensive to replace if they wear out or are damaged. Sheepskin provides a wonderful cushion of air between you and your leather seats and at the same time your leather seats are protected from unwanted scratching, stains and sun fade.

How do I clean my sheepskin seat covers?

Basic maintenance of all sheepskin seat covers requires that you brush the wool up with a pet brush and then vacuum off the pelt. This will enhance the life of the seat cover. In the event that something spills on the seat cover you should contact your local dry cleaner that specializes in leather to have them cleaned.

How long should sheepskin seat covers last?

High quality sheepskin seat covers should last typically about 5 years. However, it is common to talk with customers who have had the same seat covers for well over 10 to 15 years!

Will the color fade in the sun?

Like any other natural product, if it is exposed to prolonged sunlight, some fading or color change can occur.

Can I put seat covers on my seat if I have side impact air bags?

Yes, if the correct alteration has been made to the sheepskin seat covers. Our manufacturers’ alteration is simple and allows the air bag to deploy without any obstruction.

Do you cut out for seat controls or special seat belt attachments?

Yes, we offer provisions for these specific items to your exact vehicle and request them directly with the manufacturer when placing your order.

Can you make the sheepskin seat covers go all the way down the back of a tailor-made seat cover?

Our manufacturer can make a tailor-made sheepskin seat cover with a full back. However it is not recommended, because the sheepskin does not stretch enough to pull around the seat. Our manufacturer has designed our tailor-made seat covers to cover as much of the seat as possible and still have a tight fit.

Are your sheepskin seat covers Lined?

All of our sheepskin seat covers are Lined with an iron on backing to protect your leather seat from any damage.

Are your seat covers dyed?

Yes, all the colors available are dyed to provided uniformity of color throughout the pelt.

Can you make seat covers for my _____?

Our manufacturer has thousands of vehicle patterns and adds to them every year as new vehicles come out. It is rare that we are stumped by a car seat. However, if you own a rare vehicle where only a few were made…then we may ask for your help in creating an accurate pattern.

How are the seat covers tanned?

Our manufacturer utilizes the state-of-the-art tanning processes Chrome Tanning for nearly all of our automotive accessories.

How do I install my seat covers?

We offer Free installation with every order at our Scottsdale Airpark office location!

All sheepskin products carry a full 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty

Craftsmanship: Which includes all seams, straps and fleece separation.

Sun Fade: Due to the nature of sheepskin, we cannot be responsible for normal color fade from direct exposure to sunlight. We recommend tinting your vehicle and protecting your interior with our 99% U.V.L. rejected SunTek premium Line Carbon series window films!

Returns: In the event that you need to make a warranty claim on any sheepskin seat covers and accessories to our manufacturer for warranty repair, we will handle the initial phone (R.A.) return authorization request, remove the sheepskin seat covers from your vehicle, prepare the warranty item for return shipment, ship and receive the item(s) with the manufacturer and then re-install back into your vehicle at No Additional Cost To You !

Based at the Scottsdale Airpark we also serve all of Phoenix, AZ and surrounding valley communities so call 602.524.0807 or contact us for Luxurious Tailor-Made Australian Merino Sheepskin Seat Covers Designed and Manufactured For Your Specific Vehicle!

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