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 Michael Sim PGA Golf Pro 2008

Michael Sim

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Kent Dana Chanel 5 News Voted Best Anchor in Phoenix by AZ Republic

Kent Dana

Chanel 5 News

Voted Best Anchor in

Phoenix by AZ Republic

Bob E. Scottsdale, Arizona

Publisher / Business Owner

"The reason I have used and continue to use Steve is not just because he does great work, but because he does what he promises and on schedule. You can always be sure it is done right."

Bob E.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Charlie H. Paradise Valley, Arizona


“I would like to comment about our recent experiences with your company and the quality of the service provided both through your outstanding body shop and the sale of our two vehicles. You recently have fully restored a sentimental Oldsmobile Aurora to bring it back to original show room appearance and taken care of an injury to my GMC Denali which returned it to original appearance. In the past several months you have located private party buyers for our Volkswagen Beetle convertible and my 20 year old Porsche 911 Cabriolet which had been treated like a child. From your presentation of the entire process start to finish, clear explanation of what your company would do regarding market research on price of the vehicle, your cost and approach to vehicle services between private party buyers and seller, we are delighted customers! The "take charge" approach of advertising while checking all components with us for accuracy, obtaining title documents to show prospective purchaser there would be no transfer issues and the manner in which the funds were paid directly. After you prepared the vehicles for sale, their appearance was showroom quality and it was hard to part with them. Your service is tops and we are currently using your services for the acquisition of another vehicle and will continue to recommend your company to others. We just wanted to let you know that we look forward to your company assisting us and others we refer to you in the near future as your industry knowledge of all vehicles, direct costs, extended warranties and transfer procedures is outstanding and provides an unequaled level of service!”

Charlie H.

Paradise Valley, Arizona

Eric V. Eric V.

Private Wealth Management / Financial Adviser

"I want you to know you have an exceptional business in the automotive/consulting field. Your calm, patient manner was a great help to me throughout the entire process. Your knowledge of the industry and remarkable abilities to see things from start to finish are rare indeed. From this point forward, I will exclusively use you and your company for any and all automotive/consulting service(s) for myself as well as my client base. Once again thank you and I look forward to working together in the future!"

Eric V.

Dan G. Station One Coordinator / Fleet Manager Tempe, Arizona

Ambulance Company / Fleet Manager

"The purpose of this letter is to inform the recipient that PMT has utilized your services for a number of services. These range from window tinting, radios, etc. Another added benefit is Steve assists us in keeping an inventory of glass and other goods we require keeping our fleet operating its 2.9 million miles a year. Steve himself conveys the same pride in his work as we do in our fleet. Steve recently has offered a one stop Shopping approach. This has included paint and paintless dent removal. Year to date we have had 6 ambulances needing total repaints; all were done in a very timely fashion with unequaled results. As far as the paintless dent removal and touch up program, we have not had to do as many repaints as in past years giving us a net savings. PMT has had a business relationship with Steve over the last 7 years. In this time there has never been an unresolved question or issue. This I cannot say about all my vendors."


Dan G.

Station One Coordinator / Fleet Manager

Tempe, Arizona

Glen M. M&I Marshall & Iisley Bank Tempe, Arizona

Banker / Branch Manager

“I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent service you have provided me over the past 11 years. Your quality, follow-through and care you have shown me in taking care of my various Mercedes Benz's has helped in my cars always looking brand new, and increasing the value when it has been time to trade them in. I have always appreciated your promptness when appointments have been made. When you say you will be there, you are. When you say what the service will do for me, it does. When you say the job will be done, it is! I look forward to many more years of your care and service. Thank you again for all you do!”


Glen M.

M&I Marshall & Iisley Bank

Tempe, Arizona

Amit S. Manchester U.K.

World Import & Export Entrepreneur / Business Owner

"Since my first tint job with your company in 1999, I knew I would never have to worry about finding another automotive source for my vehicles. From simply pin striping my Lincoln Navigator to customizing my Dodge Viper GTS, Steve and his associates always did the job to the highest standards and also stood behind their work 110% (I have even won car shows courtesy of their impeccable work!). I have since moved to England and still use this company for consultation and ordering parts for my vehicles as they are by far the most experienced and honest people I have come across. The best part is . . . Steve is only a phone call away . . . unlike the large corporate companies where you are put on hold or being passed around from one department to the next to no avail. I am a car fanatic and it's great to know that this one company can do it all! Keep up the great work guys!"

Amit S.

Manchester U.K.

 Robert F. Home National Bank Scottsdale, Arizona

Mortgage Broker / Business Owner

"I have known Steve for over ten years now and I cannot say enough about him and his company. Steve’s dedication to customer service has always exceeded my highest expectations. From my first small tint job to my wife’s Yukon Denali XL which included, tint, wheels, tires, back up camera, and mobile home theater set up with surround sound, Steve’s attention to detail is superior!! Steve’s knowledge also showed through on my 1968 dodge coronet R/T show car when he measured for wheels and tires and was able to get a size 50 tire on the rear axle WITHOUT tubing the car, simply amazing! Not only do I get great complements on the tire and wheel set up, the tint on my show car always brings attention. My 2007 Dodge Mega cab is the latest vehicle that Steve and his company have customized and I cannot be happier with the work! If you are looking for quality and I mean quality workmanship and aftermarket parts, Steve is your man!! Look no further!"

Robert F.

Home National Bank

Scottsdale, Arizona

Lynn B. Scottsdale, Arizona

International Real Estate Consultant "Live The Dream"

“I have been working with Steve’s company since I moved to the valley 6 years ago; they tinted my car, installed custom sheepskin seat covers and completed professional auto body work needed. So when he told me he could help me locate a top dollar private party buyer for my car and then help me find another vehicle that would meet my needs and budget, I asked him some questions about how the process would work and he outlined it for me in detail. I felt it was an effective plan. I also felt Steve was someone I could trust and that he had the integrity I look for in business people, so I knew the potential buyers would also be treated fairly and professionally. I could've tried selling my car on my own but I felt the convenience, professionalism, attention to details (required paperwork, etc) and the presentation of the car would be better handled by The Car Guys of Scottsdale and take some of the pressure off of me. The detailing of the car made it look better than the day I bought it, particularly the exterior finish. It looked like a showroom new vehicle for all prospective buyers to see. Steve located a private party buyer for my vehicle with the first person who called and came to look at it, and for just slightly more than I had told him I wanted! I then met with the person who bought it and she was pleased with the entire process and said she wished she had known about Steve when she sold her car, so I felt even better that the buyer was happy with the transaction. When it came to buying a new vehicle, Steve and I discussed my budget, types of vehicles, gas mileage that would be acceptable as well as features I could and couldn't live without. As soon as I had a buyer for my vehicle, Steve began searching different media outlets (print, onLine) and making contacts at local car dealerships. He presented me with different options and we narrowed down our list before we physically went looking. I didn't plan on driving away in a new vehicle the first day we went out, but because of the pre-work we had done, I ended up purchasing a vehicle at the first place we visited. The final purchase price, terms and conditions all met my needs and Steve was very helpful in the negotiation process. Afterwards, Steve provided additional help as I received a phone call from the dealership and letter from a lender that conflicted with finalized terms of the purchase contract I had signed. Steve reviewed the information with me and while the dealership was trying to get a little more money out of us, we reminded them of the contract we signed and that they needed to live up to their end of the bargain. Had I been naive and/or Steve not been there to help me, I might have ended up paying a bit higher interest rate and a slightly higher monthly payment. So in essence, Steve was there before, during and after the sale. I recommend his services to anyone looking to locate a private party buyer for their own vehicle. He is very knowledgeable of all vehicle makes, models and pricing as well as anyone needing additional services for their vehicle.”

Lynn B.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Community Support / Fundraiser Event Recipients

“We won a window tint certificate from The Car Guys of Scottsdale at a fundraiser event in the spring. We called a few months later to redeem it and were provided an appointment right away. Overall the service was great. It was done exactly when they said it would be, the workmanship was impeccable, and Steve was a joy to do business with. We recommend these guys to anyone- they know how to keep it 'cool'!!”

Michelle and Tom H.

Phoenix, Arizona

Certified Financial Planner / Business Owner

"From the day John O. told me about you I feel that my own "auto guy" search is complete. Everybody gets a ding or a scrape in their daily drivers, but when your daily drivers are high Line cars and trucks, it hurts. Frankly I know the dealerships send their work out, the key is finding the people they send their work to and go direct. Thanks you so much for being my trusted advocate with regard to my vehicles…Windshield replacement, tint on my Cadillac, Lexus, BMW and insurance inspection on my SL500. All done with over the top service, price better than the big boys and TLC as if it was your own. Hope I don't need you soon, but I won’t hesitate to call when I do."

Bob W.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Valet Company / Business Owner

"I just wanted to convey my appreciation for the bodywork that you performed on both my personal and company vehicles over the years. It is unfortunate when a vehicle is damaged but it is comforting to know that you will make it look great again. Your professionalism and knowledge of your business is truly reflected in the quality of your work. I will never use another company for my bodywork, window tint, or aftermarket needs."


Michael C.

Phoenix, Arizona

Automotive Service Writer / GM Vehicles

“Just wanted to thank you for the phenomenal service you and your employees have provided for me these past few months. The windshield replacement looks perfect and thank you for returning the vehicle to me as clean as it was when you picked it up. Thank you again for everything.”

Shawn M.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Fleet Manager

“Great job Steve… just got back from looking it over. The department supervisor is impressed and very happy to have the car back too. Thanks again for getting this taken care of and also for your advice about the insurance company etc.”

Walt O.

Tempe, Arizona

Pinstripe Removal and Window Tinting

“You don't have to do it yourself to get it done right! The Car Guys of Scottsdale provide an excellent detailing service and experience. Communication can be an issue when visiting other car detailing shops, specific concerns and requests are almost impossile to address. At the Car Guys of Scottsdale your car concerns are patiently addressed, options are explained so that educated decisions can be made. I shopped around for an auto detailing service that could remove my vinyl pinstripes that were looking really bad-cracking and peeling. The dealerships would not let me talk to the auto detailing department. They told me that they did not have a phone Line "back there". One dealership said that none of them spoke English. I had specific questions and concerns and no one seemed to be able to speak with me. My conversation with Steve at The Car Guys lasted 20 minutes or more. He took the time to address my concerns and gave me a realistic expectation about pinstripe removal. He gave me a reasonable quote and promised that the price would not exceed the upper limit of the quote. I was able to get my car in that weekend and ended up with a fantastic detail, I cannot even tell that there were "baked on" vinyl pinstripes at one time. I got a superb tint job as well. The price was even sweeter since I bundled the services. He even gave me a free oil change. His careful inspection of my entire car revealed several minor flaws that he was able to tidy up at no cost. He may have even saved my life when he observed the large sidewall crack on my front drivers side tire. He urged me to replace this tire and was more than willing to share his deep discount rates on tires with me. Fortunately I had insurance on the tires and was able to get it replaced through the tire company. I am so happy to have found this company as I am new to Az and am currently working on building trusting, efficient business relations. I really feel that I can count on The Car Guys of Scottsdale for so many of my automotive needs.”

Dewi D.

Scottsdale AZ

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