Frequently Asked Questions About Warranty Claims Procedure

Where can I take my vehicle if there is a problem?

In the event of a breakdown or suspected problem, you can take your car to any licensed repair facility.

How do I start a claim?

Take the vehicle to any licensed repair facility and have them call us with the diagnostic results to start the claim. All repairs must have prior authorization or they could be denied (except emergency repairs after business hours or on holidays - refer to your contract for details). Rental cars will not be authorized until the claim is authorized.

How do I get a rental car?

Many repair facilities have loaner cars or have a rental facility onsite. If your repair facility does not provide rental cars, contact your local rental car company and retain your receipt. After your vehicle is repaired submit your rental receipt for coverage. Coverage varies from contract to contract. Please see your specific contract coverage pages for exact terms.

How much of my claim will you pay?

We are required to document all our decisions and we have a financial responsibility to verify all charges submitted by the repair facility. We do this using nationally recognized guides that are updated daily. These guides show manufacturer suggested list prices for parts and labor times to complete each repair.

How long does it take for a repair facility to get paid?

Payment is normally made by corporate credit card directly to the repair facility, or we will pay by check in the event the shop does not accept credit cards. Once we receive a completed invoice it usually takes about a half hour or less.

Do I need service records for every claim?

Not every claim will require maintenance records, but some do. If the claim is for a maintenance related item we will ask to review your records. Occasionally we will ask for service records to verify your mileage on your contract in order to verify you were provided the correct coverage.

What if I have an emergency repair and your office is closed?

Reimbursement for emergency repairs performed outside of normal business hours can be obtained by the contract holder only if the provisions governing emergency repairs are followed and followed on the next business day after such emergency repairs are performed. Please see our contract coverage pages for more details.

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